Urban Decay Lipstick in Wonderland

If the face looks smaller today, it’s because I busted out the new #UD #NakedSkin #Shapeshifter. That stuff is super pigmented, so a little bit gives alot of contouring. And remember to always #blendblendblend. On the lips: an old favourite – Urban Decay lipstick in Wonderland, approved by Gwen Stefani. đź’„Punch red with blue and fuchsia undertonesđź’„Creamy, rich, full on colour, soft shineđź’„Pictured here is two coatsđź’„Relatively long-lastingđź’„Glides like a dream, easy precise applicationđź’„đź’„#urbandecay #urbandecaycosmetics #urbandecaysg @urbandecaycosmetics #pinklipstick #lipstick #lipstickjunkie #lipstickjungle #lipstickaddict #udgivesgoodface #makeup #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #beauty #beautyreview #beautyjunkie #fotd #faceoftheday #contour #highlightUrban Decay Lipstick in Wonderland

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